Local Education Schools

Our wide-ranging expertise at maintaining school grounds has allowed us to anticipate the needs of students, sports coaches and staff. We recognize the significance of being flexible enough to work around school time and prepare the grounds in time for special sporting events.


Maintaining utmost health and safety standards to safeguard students and staff in these facilities is at the top of our minds when we deal with schools and educational centres. We make certain all our staffs are CRB passed with provable documentation.


Most local education authority schools are still being maintained by council gardeners and very often these contracts are quite long term, often saddling schools with poor value for money.
Local authority workers are often poorly motivated and lack the professional expertise, qualifications and efficiency to cater to the demands.


Gardencrafts offer prides in offering great value for money, and shorter, more fulfilling contracts that are implemented by a team of highly motivated workforce that spans from our CEO to the ground maintenance crew member.