Nursing / Residential homes

The typical nursing home is often a large converted Victorian building or a large purpose built building with customarily large grounds. It is very important for the management of these homes to provide their residents with a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Many long term residents are held back with poor health and are unable to leave the residence very often. A cheery garden with beautiful flora can certainly lift otherwise dampened spirits. Spending time among nature is known to diminish health problems, and this makes it even more important to provide places as nursing homes with beautifully crafted and safe ground space.


It should also have convenient wheelchair access so that everyone can make full use of the outdoor garden facilities. Peaceful seating areas, planters, bedding schemes, flowering shrubs, beautiful trees and well maintained lawns will all contribute to a pleasant living experience.

Such beautifully designed and maintained gardens are appreciated by residents and their visiting families as well as the working staff. Knowing the breath of freshness our well maintained gardens can bring to the resident patients; Gardencrafts staff adds their heart and soul to the formula of maintaining the grounds.