Gardencrafts Environmental Policy

As of the turn of the century, we have been incorporating modern practices to reduce our environmental impact as per global requirement. Keeping pace with the modern stride, we use well maintained vehicles and machinery and plan our work schedules ahead of time to reduce fuel consumption as far as possible.

We have our own internal energy conservation goals, and responsible environmental management is at the core of our operational decisions.


We try to limit our industrial waste to only "Green Waste", and compost or shred these waste materials for reuse whenever possible. Non green waste such as litter, which we collect on site, is taken back to base and amassed by a Waste Management company with commitments to recycling available material.


Our environmental performance is up for review on an annual basis, enabling us to continuously improve ourselves on this sphere. We also focus on limiting harmful emissions from our vehicles and machinery, keeping our relationship with nature intact. Dealing with nature, we are as gentle on Mother Nature as we can be. The weed killers and weed control we use are subject to vigilant control of our QA department.

Over the last 10 years we have drastically reduced the use of toxic chemicals and now almost 97% of our weed control is carried out using only environmentally safe chemicals which degrade naturally in the soil into safe compounds. We are well ahead of the requirements of European legislation.